SHAVE-YOUR-BUTTNowadays people are becoming more conscious about their beauty and trying to look beautiful. Butt hair is an ugly thing that may damage your impression to your partner. You will also feel clean after removing the butt hairs. But to shave your butt is a not a simple task than shaving the other part of our body. You have to take necessary precautions before and after shaving. You also have to be careful while shaving to avoid nicks. Here are some guide and tips that will make your butt shaving more easy, comfortable and hygienic.

Precautions For Shaving Butt

Be clean and bacteria free

Before shaving your butt, you have to clean it. You may take a shower in warm water and keep yourself dry by a towel.

Prepare the shaving instruments

Take the necessary materials such as the razor, trimmer, shaving gel, antiseptic gel, etc. before starting shaving your butt. Without any necessary thing, you can’t have a comfortable shave.

Clean the razor

You should not use an old razor but if you make sure that it is germ-free. You can do it by rinse it in warm water and then use a few drops of antiseptic liquid on it.

Apply shaving lubricant

For easy shaving apply the shaving lubricant on your butt. It will reduce the irritation after shaving.

Use a mirror

You can’t see your butt properly without a mirror. So, using a mirror will also help you to shave comfortably, especially when you are shaving between cheeks.

Instrument For Shaving Butt

Trimmer or Razor

Razor is mandatory for your shaving. You should trim your butt hair before shaving.

Shaving lubricant

For gliding the blade smoothly over your butt use shaving lubricants. Shaving gel is the best in this case because it creates a transparent lather.


The essential thing for cleaning your razor. You should also use it on your butt after shaving to reduce the bacterial growth.

Body Powder

Not so necessary but it will keep your butt dry. It will also reduce the irritating and itchy feeling.

Some Basic Tips Which Can Make Your Butt Shaving More Comfortable

Wash and keep dry

A dirty shaving may cause to bacterial attack on your skin. So, wash not only the shaving instruments but also yourself. Wash your butt with soap water and then use a towel to dry yourself.

Trim it before shaving

It is good to trim your butt hair before shaving it with the razor. Because shaving the long hair is difficult than the small hair. Trim your butt smoothly and slowly with a clean electric groomer. Don’t try hard to trim between the cheeks. Leave the task properly on your razor.

Use shaving lubricant properly

You must lubricate your butt for a comfortable shaving. These will create a cushion between your skin and the razor which will help you to glide the razor smoothly. Don’t forget to apply it to the cheeks. You can use shaving foam, gel or cream. But shaving gel is best for this purpose.

Perfect use of a mirror

Normally you can’t see your butt. But it is challenging to shave your skin without visualizing it. So, you must use a mirror for a comfortable shaving and for avoiding the nicks. Especially in the case of shaving between the cheeks, use a small mirror to sit on top of it.


Though butt shaving is a little bit complex task, you have to do it for keep yourself clean and look beautiful. You should follow the above the instruction for a comfortable shaving. Keep in mind that your skin is susceptible so don’t forget to use antiseptic after shaving. Don’t forget using gel while shaving. Hope these instructions will help you. Thank you!

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