How to ensure safe sleep for your baby

How to ensure safe sleep for your baby

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Every year thousands of infants dying suddenly during sleep. This is called SUID. Full form of SUID is Suddenly Unexpected Infant Death. SUID includes all type of sudden and unexpected death. SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) is under SUIDS. Half of the SUID happened during sleep.

Please remember the term SIDS and SUID. It will help you to understand the article.

So, a safe sleep can save our child. During sleep, some accident may happen. Such as suffocation, trapped between two objects, strangulation etc.

However, we the parents should take some steps to ensure our infant’s safe sleep. There are various things that we can do. Such as;

Encourage to sleep on their back

Make sure that every time you put your baby to sleep on their back. Those infants who sleep on their stomach are more likely to die. So, we have to take it seriously.

You have to count every sleep. During night or if it is a nap.

Sleeping surface

Sometimes, babies tend to sleep on a sofa or parents bed. You should not let the baby do it. Because it is a high risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) under SUIDS.

Room sharing

You room and babies sleeping area or crib should be same. That way you can always check your baby. So, there will be no such accident occur.

How to ensure safe sleep for your baby

Co sleeper or Crib safety

If you are using a co sleeper or crib for the baby then ensure that the mattress’s surface is firm sleep. The co sleeper should be covered with a well-fitted sheet.

There is some debate on co sleeper vs crib. But, in Momandbabylab, experts says that co sleeping is the best option to keep your baby closer. It is very healthy for the new comer. Your body touches, warmness etc can help your baby to have a sound sleep.

Keep out toys and other product from the sleeping area: baby’s sleeping area should be clean. Toys, clothes or any other object can be very dangerous and can cause serious injury. Even death can happen for those.

Cribs mattress and bumper

Take look that there is no gap between crib’s bumper and mattress. If there is any then it could trap your baby’s head, leg, hand. And you what bad will happen for this trap.


Always try to breastfeed your baby. Research shows that breastfeed reduces significantly SIDS. It also helps to sleep well.

Never smoke

Don’t ever try to think of smoking in baby’s nearby area. Smoking in room not only harms the child’s health but also destroys the rooms environment. You baby is very valuable to you, right? So, please try to control yourself for the sake of your baby safety.

Control temperature

Check that your baby is not getting hot during sleep. The room temperature should be kept as like as an adult feel comfortable.


Always keep clean and dry the area where your baby sleep. This will protect your baby from bacterial Disease. A clean room can sure the fresh air and for health breathing fresh is the mandatory.

Ventilation system: the sleeping area should be well ventilated. Otherwise, the infant will suffocate.

Sleeping Dress

Tight dress up is needed for a safe sleep.

Quick response: Your baby may feel bad and make noises while sleeping. Then you should respond quickly.

How to ensure safe sleep for your baby

Avoid unauthorized co sleepers or cribs

Those cribs that are made before 1985 should be avoided. Some online and offline marketplace still selling those. So, before buying take a look.

Before buying crib take a look at the certified tag. It will help you to buy the right product.

Avoid using a pillow and other stuff while sleeping: You don’t need to have a pillow for your infant. Make sure that there is nothing other stuff.


All in all, ensure that everyone who is taking care of your infant knows all the above-mentioned precaution for safe sleep.

Overall, the sleeping area needs to be safe. Share this message who have a child under one year. That will help them regarding safe sleep.

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