How to install an undermount kitchen sink

Want to learn how to install an undermount kitchen sink? Then, you are at the right place. I am going to show you the easy step to install an undermount kitchen sink.

Proper installation with a best kitchen sink will prevent leakage, last longer and gives an awesome outlook.

What you only need is, follow the given below step carefully.

Materials and instrument need to start installing undermount sink:

Before you start the project, you have to have some instrument and materials. Those are:

  1. Undermount sink;
  2. Drill;
  3. Marker;
  4. Masking tape;
  5. Dry and clean cloth;
  6. Silicone Caulk and clamp;
  7. Contaminate alcohol;
  8. Wingnuts;
  9. Safety glass;
  10. wrench;
  11. gloves;


Before installing, read the manual that came with the sink. Now follow the instructions.


If there is an existing sink then measure it. If the existing one is different from the new one then you have to modify the countertop or plumbing, or both need to modify.

However, if there is no existing sink then also you need to take a measurement. So that, you can understand that how large the hole is. And make sure that it is going to fit well. Otherwise, you have to cut the hole to fit your new sink.

Removing old sink:

Carefully remove the old sink (if any). Do not make any damage to the hole. Because the new one is going to sit there. Skip this step if there is no existing one.

Fit the new sink:

Insert the new sink and take a look that it is well fitted. Most of the undermount sinks are attached with both side adhesive. Silicone caulking is used to seal the perimeter. The side of the sink will fit under the countertop.

Make hole:

After the sink fit perfectly, mark the part where the need to drill holes. Now take out the sink and make holes with a drill.

The implement of silicone:

Before applying silicone clean the area with contaminate alcohol and wait till it dry. Next, use silicone sealant to the ridge of the sink and place the sink from below. Make sure that its position is in the center.

Using clamp:

If the sink is in the correct position, then use clamp the sink.

Apply wingnuts:

Use wing nuts to tighten the sink with the countertop. Ensure that the nuts are not shaky. Use the wrench to tighten the nuts.

Apply fittings:

Use masking tape to the below of countertop and indicate with the marker where the faucet and fittings will be set. Allow some days to set the sink well.

After the sink sets well install the fittings and connect the faucet to the water line.


Turn the water line onto the sink and check carefully if there are any leaks. If you follow the step carefully, there will be no leakage. Otherwise, you have to reinstall the sink or have to use some pudding.


  1. Always use safety glass and gloves to install the sink.
  2. Measure accurately to fit the sink.
  3. Make sure that it is dry enough before applying silicone sealant.
  4. The nuts should be tight. Otherwise, after using few days it will make noise or fall. Which led to damage the floor and the sink itself.
  5. only One person may tough to set up the sink. It will be great if there are at least two persons setting up the sink.
  6. Always choose the best sink for best performance.


It will take 30 to 45 minutes to install the best undermount sink. It is very important that you ensure that the countertop slab is set before installing the new one.

Finally, I hope the guide helps you regarding setting up an undermount sink.

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